2016 Acura ILX A-SPEC Test Drive

2016 Acura ILX A-SPECAcura’s bread is buttered through SUV sales but that doesn’t mean advancing their car line up is another important. Take for instance this heavily reworked 2016 I LX. Introduced 3 years ago Acura civic based entry level model . But now with the new power train and a host of updates the ILX aims for a more premium feel. Acura slowly learning that even a well prepared steak need some sizzle especially when it comes to the young audience but this car covets. It’s so they’ve taken the I. L. laxative hit with some seasoning salt to better extract its natural flavors. The most obvious changes come in it out word appearance. This is the most attractive car Acura has designed in many many years aided by the new A. spec package and a wonderfully rich white pearl paint.

Even the Julai LED headlights make their way to accurate most affordable vehicle though they should have taken the advance step of delivering LED fog lights to match. Speaking of which the only I LX to receive them is this a spec package. It ratchets up the sporty look by bestowing side still garnishes a trump would spoiler a flashy 10 spoke 18 inch wheel design and a few interior enhancements. Such as the suede trim sport seats aluminum petals. Nothing mechanical mind you but the A. spec look is spot on distances himself from the nondescript look it leaves behind. The underpowered 2 liter engine is off the menu for 2016 unseated by this Pappy modernize 2.4 liter 4 cylinder with directing.

201 horsepower at 6800 RPM and 180 pound. Toward. My favorite I. L. lax was the model that paired this engine with a manual transmission. But that’s no longer available instead there’s this 8 speed dual clutch automatic that Acura recently placed in the TLX. It’s much more agreeable here particularly when driven.

LX truly comes to life both in its sound and driving dynamics. It’s not a sport sedan per se as the car’s handling limits are fairly conservative. And no I do miss the stick shift this transmission impresses me with its smartness. Which if you also watch my review of the T. L. lacks will surprise you too perhaps there were gremlins in that. Scars transmission. Because the same powertrain behave like a alerted student here with this unconventional port converter dual clutch set up providing acceleration on tap smoother shifts. Gas mileage. And I really dig this war mode when it’s perfectly. It Rev matching. Ships. Leasing sounds to go along with it. It’s shorter wheelbase and 355 fewer pounds give the ILX in advantage over the T. L. lacks in the fun to drive department though the TLX compensates with all wheel steer in a more aggressive final drive.

I don’t see if there’s a day 0 to 60 time in the Los sixes and to this car spunky ness. The I. LX utilizes a re tuned fully independent suspension with amplitude reactive damper that do a great job of scrubbing out small road imperfections. Well improved steering feel and bigger brakes provide a step up in drivability measures have been taken to quiet the cabin as well but these upsized 8. Tires can. Quite noisy.

Gas mileage gets a bomb to 25 MPG city on premium . The red instrument illumination is a spec specific and the technology plus additions any level of up market sophistication. Called Acura watch it includes adaptive cruise control lane keeping and departure warning collision mitigation braking and more. Unfortunately the more than 50 design changes made to the media system fall about 100 short of improving its intuitive ness. There’s good tack in there like Syria ice free for iPhone users but it’s held prisoner by design that needs to go bye bye. Pricing for this 2016 model starts at 28 0 820 and comes top of the line like this for a very reasonable 35 0 810.