Toyota Tacoma truck review

Pretty hard to find a truck box it’ll fit the Tacoma I have a 19982 door to color the extended cab. But finding a truck box if it was a quite the ordeal. Finally found one is the kobolds it’s a low sells a. And it’s pretty darn good. It’s gonna threat of little edge there. That only comes in silver though side paint mine flag. It worked out pretty well it’s kinda covers insulation dust right now but. And as far as the. Box goes it does have a lock and reviews I read about it online first I’m says at the lock is usually the first thing to go on this. And the frightened Telestream easterly’s or its largest doesn’t.

Toyota Tacoma truck

Open up all the latest pretty secure. I see you know you can get in and if you wanted to around us. Opening up to Canada so I just said a couple travel jobs and stuff some pretty full right now. The other and then at the box worked out pretty well. I see like I said it’s one of the only boxes that fit it to come on. I am I one of the low profile from mine. Just because I don’t like it when they stick up past the window it’s kind of annoying. So I ask you any questions and you know. I think of the whole box cost like 250 Bucks willow’s. And the thing is if you’re the post office and get like a moving kit and you have a 10 percent off coupon.

Toyota Tacoma salon

But you cannot just. Use torso any purchase. As far as like a lock mechanism inside goes on it’s just this little bar that goes up into the top and down the other side. Same kind of mechanism over there. Our one guy on the forums that when the lock mechanism breaks he just took a little far put it straight across into. Her more secure batteries and that worked out for him really well. So. Yeah I have many problems with it so far it doesn’t come out in kid either. I mounting kit at the. The store they switches to a little bar. When they go in and cut a clamp on. 2 year deliver the truck bed like right underneath there. Well Reform We don’t have a garage And I take your tools and how. An element of any questions. Additional information Toyota Tacoma truck headlights, see at