Dodge Durango review

Hello, leave it out of the biggest problem with the Dodge Durango things name. This is a very capable very refined a should be. The dog’s name plate what it doesn’t bring much cachet in previous Durango’s they’ve been clumsy hopes. The Durango wants to sell better maybe what it needs is a stage name park the jeep grand Cherokee excel because that’s basically what this is this 3 row SUV shares the well regarded chief platform and engines. Like most modern SUVs most Durango’s come at the V6 here 3.6 liter it makes 290 horsepower.

Dodge Durango A 2014 update brought heat speed automatic for all Durango’s you can use the dial shifter not pretty quickly. Going from 5 to 8 speeds in the V6 it transform this car it doesn’t feel lethargic anymore power comes on smooth and strong. Most folks are gonna bother to rank with the V6 in they’re gonna be plenty happy with it but you can also get the Durango with a big Honkin 5.7 liter hemi V8 that makes 360 horsepower. Visibility is okay out the front the looking out of the back this long it should be can be tricky. We get the optional backup camera and blind spot and cross traffic detection system. Inside the cabin is very nicely finished.

Big you connect 8.4 touch screen has simple clear logic. In good old fashioned knobs and buttons to common functions. Big front seats have firm padding but it turns out that they’re very supportive for the long haul. There’s good room in the second row seat and even adults can fit back in the third row. There’s some cargo space left when the third row is up. Fording down all of the seats plus the front passenger seat. But your whole home improvement stuff inside but the power tailgate shut. Our Durango limited all wheel drive didn’t come cheap sticking at $43525. New Dodge Durango headlights. That includes lots of lecturing gear like a power adjustable and heated steering wheel and bi xenon headlights.