2008-2010 Toyota Highlander Review

Toyota Highlander has always been one of our top rated family SUV’s and for 2008 it redesigned now bigger better and more powerful. What a nice improvements of the Highlanders this new 3.5 liter V6 engine it’s great refined it’s powerful and like everything that’s how to put that into its got pretty decent fuel economy. One of things that didn’t really improve isn’t handling. Well let’s look more secure. Pulls on corners a little better. Steering feel just. And grandpa. Staring doesn’t really give you. Stannis ability control makes it very secure it becomes on quickly and. The car track. One of things that they need to change the ride. The ride like the old one is very comfortable and compliant. It’s a very quiet interior which makes it a very relaxed place today.

 Toyota Highlander Inside the Highlander you’ll find lots of adjustments that help you make maker some very comfortable first you find a tilt and telescoping steering. Plus our Highlander limited you find an adjustable fi support is a great feature at something you only see traditionally on high end luxury cars. The interior materials and trim are actually really quite nice lace would hear nice chrome trim Hogan headliner little bit too much like cardboard. The controls well they’re absolutely huge author we complain in cars that the controls on the knobs are still too small well this certainly does not have this problem. And look at these knobs. I mean there’s has a drinking Cup. Most from little to the Highlander quicker the backup camera. Also, 2002 Toyota Highlander headlight assembly – good light.

It’s small but it’s actually quite easy to see things behind. What’s nice also is a Toyota literally forcing by navigation system, where you get the backup camera. In the back of the Highlander there is a small third row seat. But it is really really tiny very uncomfortable. And he’s had rust. They block rude vision is very little cargo area left back at all in the seat. It’s not a split folding seat. Which we see almost all the competitors, fortunately. Even a drop down. And that’s a good thing because this area’s much better left for cargo than people. Where you really want to be this middle row seat. Really comfortable, really roomy is twins captain chairs, are great you got full down armrests, for after adjustment.

Klein double seat back. If you will center console here. But so you want a third person in here it’s really sometimes they have 3 abreast here a lot of cars don’t give you that option when you choose the captain shares. Well this is like a needle track. This comes out and fighting this compartment believe it or not is your third seat. So I’ve been in here. Take this back in the car with. And you’re ready to roll. So if you’re in the market for something refining practical for your family and maybe you don’t need something that’s really sporty to drive or luxury nameplate you really can’t do a whole lot better than the Toyota Highlander.