The air mass sensor it is not so simple.

air mass sensorModern vehicles are equipped with OBD self-diagnosis system and are able to recognize the problem of mass air flow sensor (MAF or DFID).

Strict requirements for modern internal combustion engine exhaust toxicity requires maintaining optimal (stoichiometric) the mass ratio of air and fuel in the fuel-air mixture in the entire range of revolutions. For this we need air mass flow sensor, or as it is popularly called “air flow meter”. Only subject to the stoichiometric air-fuel mixture, the catalytic converter is able fully to carry out their work on the “clean” of exhaust gases.

If the self-diagnosis system displays an error message indicating the failure of the flow meter, the replacement should be carried out before the old sensor diagnostics. Testing will determine the cause of failure of the sensor or install the actual cause of the error in the recorder malfunctions.