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Toyota Tacoma truck review

Pretty hard to find a truck box it’ll fit the Tacoma I have a 19982 door to color the extended cab. But finding a truck box if it was a quite the ordeal. Finally found one is the kobolds it’s a low sells a. And it’s pretty darn good. It’s gonna threat of little edge […]

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2008-2010 Toyota Highlander Review

Toyota Highlander has always been one of our top rated family SUV’s and for 2008 it redesigned now bigger better and more powerful. What a nice improvements of the Highlanders this new 3.5 liter V6 engine it’s great refined it’s powerful and like everything that’s how to put that into its got pretty decent fuel […]

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Dodge Durango review

Hello, leave it out of the biggest problem with the Dodge Durango things name. This is a very capable very refined a should be. The dog’s name plate what it doesn’t bring much cachet in previous Durango’s they’ve been clumsy hopes. The Durango wants to sell better maybe what it needs is a stage name […]

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